Application Information

Application for Membership

Professional Hunters Association of Zambia

  • All applications for membership shall be considered by the Executive Committee who shall record the election or reason for non-election.
  • Application for membership of the Association must be sponsored by two Full Members of the Association.
  • Every application for membership of the Association (except for Honorary and Invited Members), shall be made in writing and on the form prescribed by the Executive Committee, who shall have the power to vary the form of application from time to time as they see fit. A non refundable application fee is to be submitted with the completed application form.
  • Every application shall be entered into a book kept by the Association, with a note of the action taken by the Executive Committee upon such application.
  • The Executive Committee shall, in deciding whether an applicant should be elected, have regard not only to the hunting qualifications of the applicant, but shall take into account equally the general character of the applicant as a sportsman, his trustworthiness and conduct in the field.
  • Any applicant for any form of membership of the Association shall on their acceptance to the Association receive a copy of the Constitution and rules, at the time being in force and aquaint themselves with the contents thereof.
  • The Committee shall have power, when declining to elect an applicant for membership, to inform them that they may after a period specified re-submit their application.
  • Every person or body elected to membership of the Association, shall receive notices sent on behalf of the Association to the address indicated in the original application and will be responsible to notify the Secretary of any subsequent change of address. All such notices or letters shall be sent by ordinary post or may be delivered by hand and a receipt obtained.
Membership Fees (Subscriptions and Entrance Fees)
  • Fees for all categories of membership and joining are to be determined at each Annual General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • The subscription fee will be due for every calendar year or part thereof during which the membership is in existence.
  • Subsequent subscriptions shall be payable by the 31st day of January in each year without demand thereof.
  • No member who is indebted to the Association shall take part in its deliberations or business unless and until such indebtedness has been paid. A member whose subscriptions are over two years in arrears, shall automatically cease to be a member.

Every person or body elected to any membership of the Association shall be bound by the Constitution and Rules of the Association as well as any bye-laws and regulations which from time to time will be decided upon in Executive Committee Meetings, Annual General Meetings or Extraordinary General Meetings as the case may be.

No member of the Association shall act, speak, behave or print matters contrary to the Constitution, rules, bye-laws or regulations of the Association.

No member of the Association shall state, advertise or in any way suggest that they belong to any different category of membership of the Association except the one which has been bestowed upon them.

In the case of the breach or non-observance by any member of any of the game laws or any of the rules, bye-laws and regulations of the Association and/or if the conduct of any member be complained of, in writing, by any member or by any other person to the Executive Committee as being unsportsmanlike or unworthy of a member and/or harmful to the reputation, welfare and prestige of the Association and members, the Executive Committee (after due consideration and investigation of the evidence submitted by the member charged or complained of ) shall take such disciplinary action in regard to such breach or non-observance or conduct by admonishment and warning, by suspension for a specific period of ( which may in the discretion of the Executive Committee be reduced for good reason shown ) from membership or by expulsion from the Association as they shall think fit. The Executive Committee shall have full power to expel a member from the Association or to suspend them from membership for a definite period, or until they shall terminate such suspension and upon the exercise by the Executive Committee of such powers, or either of them, the member expelled, or whose membership is suspended, shall forfeit absolutely to the Association all moneys paid by them to it and ( in the event of them being expelled ) shall cease to be a member of the Association. Every member expelled or whose membership is suspended shall immediately after such expulsion or suspension deliver and surrender to the Secretary all badges, notices and other insignia indicative to the public of their membership of the Association and shall not hold themselves out as or represent themselves to be a member of the Association.

The Executive Committee shall have absolute power and authority to decide whether action or conduct on the part of any member complained of as being unsportsmanlike or unworthy of a member, or as harmful to the reputation and prestige of the Association and its members is unsportsmanlike, unworthy of a member, or harmful to the reputation and welfare of the Association and its members.

The Executive Committee shall have full authority to inform the authorities concerned with regard to any decisions taken in connection with the two above Clauses.