Membership Definitions

Membership shall be open to any person or body of persons whether incorporated or not, subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter contained or implied. Members will receive an Association Card indicative of their grade of Membership, the classes made up as such:

Honorary Presiding Officer
  • Holds office for life.
  • Invited to attend all general and executive committee meetings but shall have no vote in his capacity as Honorary Presiding Officer.
  • Shall not be due any fees to the Society.
  • Shall only be elected by A.G.M. for EXCEPTIONAL service to the Association.
Full members

Persons who derive all or part of their livelihood from the profession of hunting, or who are in possession of a valid Professional Hunters’ License, or who have held such license within the last twelve months which has not been rescinded, or held a Professional Hunters’ License at any time in Zambia for three consecutive years. Full members are entitled to one vote each.

Probationary Members

Holders of Apprentice or Restricted Professional Hunters’ Licenses.

Associate Members.

Any Company, Organization or Person that has an interest in the aims and objectives of the Association and the Industry

Invited Members

Any person the Executive Committee deem it expedient to invite to be a member of the Association. Invited members are entitled to one vote each.

Retired Members

Any person who has been a full member for at least three years and who notifies the Association in writing that he is retiring from the field of activity and wishes to join this category of membership.

Honorary Members

Any persons, wherever situated, interested in hunting and tourism, and who are concerned in the conservation of fauna and flora.

Life Members

Someone who is recognized as having dedicated years of to hunting in Zambia, and is nominated by a Full Member and approved by the Executive Committee.

Honorary Life Members

Any client of a member who has displayed a true sense of sportsmanship and concern for conservation, who is sponsored by a Full Member and approved by the Executive Committee.

Every member of PHAZ, including the executive committee must follow certain discipline. They must abide by the Association’s constitution and rules, be truthful about their membership class, and understand that the Executive Committee holds absolute power.